The metz group comprises highly qualified teams who live technology through and through: Holistically conceived and highly precise in detail for optimal problem solutions in the mobility, medical technology, engineering and building sectors. Thanks to our machinery and comprehensive system development, we can combine metal, foam and fabric in any way – flexibly, creatively and with the highest precision for the benefit of our customers.

We cultivate our entrepreneurial inventiveness beyond the concrete order and lead our products to market maturity.


The metz group, headquartered near Amberg, stands for highest quality made in Bavaria for the world market, developed and executed by professionals with passion. We meet technical breaking points with creative inventiveness, many years of experience and foresight for optimal problem-solving. We are looking forward to projects to bring our holistic approach and are ready to enter new markets.


The metz group stands for precision at the highest technical level. We make our customers’ problems our own, solve them with dedication, take responsibility for our certified products and services, and maintain a trusting, cooperative relationship with our employees and customers. We are committed to our location, which is also our home. To secure and build up jobs regionally, we are also placing greater emphasis on training our youth and upgrading our skills.

Continuous education and training

As a recognized training company, we have passed on our knowledge to a new generation of skilled workers for more than ten years. Many of today’s employees started with us as trainees and are currently taking advantage of the opportunity to gain further qualifications. This recruitment from our ranks and high regard for knowledge has more than proven itself for us and our work, and we are open to like-minded people who also want to contribute.

Are you interested in becoming part of our team? We look forward to receiving your detailed INITIATIVE APPLICATION to bewerbung@metz-group.de.

Modern networking

As comprehensively as we serve our customers, we also take care of holistically conceived processes internally. We digitally link design, merchandise management and manufacturing with computer-aided design and manufacturing and overall resource planning (CAD, CAM, ERP).

Problem-solving from a single source

We use the highly diverse materials of metal, foam, textile, and the possibilities of mechanical engineering and combine them in every possible variant: To solve problems for our customers. We love to bring our know-how together again and again so that real best practice examples are created from within the metz group.

Short paths to success

Our extensive machine park enables us to use and further develop technologies in-house: Fast, efficient, and cost-effective. We give our customers the freedom and security they need to make the best decisions. Our parts, prototypes and series catapult our customers, who have to meet the highest demands in competitive markets, to the top of the competition. We are proud of that. And that is our claim.